Complimentary Transcript

PD students enrolled in Summer 2020 courses will receive an official electronic transcript requested BY YOU from the National Student Clearinghouse.

PD students in enrolled in Fall 2020 courses will receive the traditional paper transcript that will be automatically sent to your home address by the College. You will need to scan it into a PDf, both front and back to email to your LPDC or upload into your ODE account (CORE Account).

Please confirm your grade has posted (see Grades, My Grade Report or My Unofficial Transcript).

Then click here to begin -

Type  "Lake Erie College" Click "CONTINUE"
In the "Student Identification Information" section on the third screen you will answer the question:
"Is this meant to change the destination for a Professional Dev Transcript?" YES  NO
The Yes will activate no charge to the student since this replaces the paper transcript. 
They then request the eTranscript and specify which email to send it to (it can go directly to someone in your district or yourself). 
Are you currently enrolled? YES
You will receive an email from donotreply@nationalclearinghouse and you will need to confirm request.
The College will incur the cost of these electronic transcripts for Professional Development students..please disregard content on the NSC site pertaining cost when ordering a LEC transcript.