Feedback from Fall 2020 Students


Asynchronous Online Courses


ED 5706 W 21st Century Skills: From Your Classroom to the Workplace and College

Mike DeMario, adjunct faculty

“Everything about this course was awesome. The Instructor was easy to contact and the information was even more than I expected. I will highly recommend this class to everyone.” Jeff K

ED 5719 W Let's Get Googling: Google Doc and Google Sites 


Joelle Warsh, adjunct faculty


“Was really easy to navigate and I learned a lot.” Patrick B


ED 5725 W Strategies for Working with Students with Emotional Disabilities  

Mike DeMario, adjunct faculty 

“I really enjoyed the content of this course and the ability to pace myself.” Stacy S


ED 5750 W Using Project Based Learning to Meet the Common Core Standards

Mike DeMario, adjunct faculty 

“It was a great class.  I will implement many of the ideas I got while doing the course.” Brenda W


ED 5771 W Bringing More Formative Assessment into Your Classroom         

Mike DeMario, adjunct faculty 

“Course provided me with useful tools for improving my formative assessment in the classroom.” Dawn L


ED 5778 W Encouraging Self Regulation and Mindful Thinking for Students   

Brittany Cribari, adjunct faculty

“This was a great course for this year!  I learned so much that will help my class with their SEL.” Michelle N


Hybrid Courses


ED 5601 W The Outdoor Classroom Connection Book Study

Sharon Graper

"The course was Awesome, all things considered during the time of covid." Mel R


5604 W The Science of Reading

Dr. Kelly Moran

"Dr. Moran offered a bevy of options and resources that came from academic sources. She also included several ways that the material could be implemented into the classroom. She was very organized, and I greatly appreciated that, especially for a fully-online course." Michelle S