Please use the "Spring 2021 Prof Development" Term for the remaining UltraMission courses only. Summer 2021 Prof Development Term is open for Asynchronous online courses only.



A. Review of Registration

a. Log in with your User Name and Password

b. If you don't have/can't remember your Username and Password go to section #3 within BEGIN HERE TO REGISTER.

c. Click "BEGIN HERE TO REGISTER V" (it's a drop down so click V)

d. Click "Register" DO NOT USE the COURSE SEARCH mechanism

e. Click "Add by Course Code"

f. Type course in this format in one of the 6 rectangle(s): ED xxxx W

g. Click "Add Course"

B. Forget your User Name and/or your Password? Watch this video

Need a Review of Registration? Watch this video

Want to change your password? Watch this video

C. If you have completed a LEC Undergrad, post-Bacc, or MEd please call the office so that we can manually adjust your record to enable registration. You will not be able to use LEO until we modify your record.