Stay Connected

Classes are not canceled, stay connected by checking your email and be sure to check-in with each of your instructors!

Withdrawal Deadline

Monday, March 23, 2020 is the last day to withdraw from a full semester course or from the semester. 
Please use the Schedule Change Form to request the withdrawal.  A withdrawal results in a grade of "W", which does not calculate in your GPA.  Options to complete this form (note: please be patient, this is our first time using digital signatures):

  1. If you have Adobe, download and save this form and use the digital signature function. Save with a new name and return the form to registrar@lec.edu.
  2. If you do not, you can download Adobe Reader for free and create your digital signature.
    Once you have it, download the form, save. Click in the signature field, choose sign with a digital id, configure new digital id, continue.  Mac will ask you to create Apply KeyChain.
    Sign the document, save with a new name and email it back to us at  registrar@lec.edu    
  3. Print form, fill and sign, scan and return to us (A photo from your phone as an attachment is acceptable).
  4. Contact us for assistance.