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Library Renovation Update

Exciting news release!  I’m Jeanna Purses, the Interim Director for Lincoln Library this year.  I have stepped on at an opportune moment as renovation is begun in our library to upgrade the College’s services and the Library’s space for the students. I have high hopes for our enhanced facility.  

I would like to invite all of you to join in at Lincoln Library in welcoming a new school year, new dreams, and new collaboration for our students. There will be a meet-and-greet open house for all returning faculty and staff on Monday, August 13th from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Come share refreshments, say hello, and envision the change.

Let this announcement serve as a glimpse of things to come with these anticipated improvements:

Second floor:

  • A learning commons area--where the Academic Learning Center, the Writing Center, and the Math Lab will all be housed and facilitated--will be integrated into the western half of the second floor (the side that overhangs the front desk on the first floor).
  • Several areas will be enclosed for the support offices for the centers/lab and one will be enclosed for student use.
  • The stacks of books currently on the second floor will be condensed and integrated into the basement stacks in order to afford more flexible study space. That eastern half of the second floor will then be outfitted with comfortable furniture and desks that are enticing for students.

The Pit, aka “Shag Carpet Room”:

  • The central area situated within the brick stairs that used to sport shag carpet will be updated with lighting and technology and divided into four or five cubicle-style work areas for students.

First floor:

  • The librarian offices are being vacated in order to net two more enclosed study rooms for student use to bring the total up to three enclosed rooms for quiet study on the first floor.
  • Metz will be putting in a cafe to support students’ longer study sessions with sustenance and to improve the locale for group meetings, discussions, and events.

Basement floor:

  • Three partially-enclosed study rooms will be installed for more private, individual, and group study sessions.

General enhancements:

  • There will be technological improvements throughout the building, including
    • improved WiFi signal strength,
    • additional electrical outlets for convenience in student locations,
    • a quick-print station,
    • and possibly ways for students to plug into a larger screen for presenations.


I am hopeful this promising renovation will revitalize our library and make it central to our learning community.  Please join us on Monday the 13th for a preview of the year!