Hybrid courses are defined as a blend of Face to Face (In-Person) and Asynchronous Online. 6 hours of each modality.

ED 6000 W Embracing Racial Diversity to Create Inclusive Classrooms, Faculty: Charesha Barrett, Grade Levels: PK-12, 1 Graduate Semester Hour, Tuition $230, Garfield Center, Room C13

Today’s current events are forcing us to face our country’s turbulent past and a history of racism. During this interactive online course, educators will learn about the historical foundations of race, become aware of their biases, and gain strategies to facilitate tough conversations. In addition, they will develop the tools to incorporate diverse perspectives and equitable practices to create inclusive learning environments for all students.  The in-person session will meet Wednesday, July 7, from 9 am–4 pm at Lake Erie College. An additional 6 hours of asynchronous learning must be completed by Wednesday, July 21. Your final project which includes the development of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan is due no later than Wednesday, August 4.

ED 6001 W Unpacking, Connecting, and Building with Ohio’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards NEW, Faculty: Melissa Solema, Grade Levels: K-12, 1 Graduate Semester Hour | Tuition $230, Garfield Center, Room C13

Seeking to understand how Ohio’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards fit into your classroom? Unpack the core competencies of each standard and make connections to your current teaching practices. Discover strategies that support a deeper, more connected learning experience, to strengthen the foundation of the five competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision-Making. This course focuses on building a crosswalk that incorporates an educator’s mindset, philosophy, and district initiatives into a comprehensive approach for integrating Social Emotional Learning into instructional content and classroom environments. In this hybrid course, participants will use collaborative and reflective activities to support their learning with a combination of face-to-face sessions and asynchronous self-paced online learning modules. The in-person sessions will meet Monday, July 12, 4-7 pm and Monday, July 19, from 4-7 pm at Lake Erie College. An additional 6 hours of asynchronous learning, delivered through Google Classroom, will begin after the first in-person session on July 12th and must be completed prior to class on July 19th. Your final project is due no later than Monday, August 2.

ED 6002 W Understanding Autism, Faculty: Dr. Katie Krammer, Grade Levels: PK-12, 1 Graduate Semester Hour, Tuition $230, Garfield Center, Room C13

This course delves into the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and what that looks like from multiple perspectives including the clinical angle and the diagnostic criteria, individuals with ASD themselves, the teachers and specialists who work with students with Autism, as well as the family members. Participants who have limited experience with ASD will benefit as well as veteran practitioners through the opportunity to unpack the characteristics and needs, and gain insight through the variety of lenses. This class will be run in a hybrid fashion with one day of on campus time to include interactive discussion, videos, exposure to a wide variety of resources, and guest speakers. The in-person session will meet Tuesday, July 13 from 9 am-4 pm at Lake Erie College. An additional 6 hours of asynchronous learning through two assigned modules and one of your choice, must be completed by Tuesday, July 27. Your final project which includes responses to the module assessment questions and reflection is due no later than Tuesday, August 10. 


C:\Users\lstrausbaugh\Pictures\Saved Pictures\Pictures\Faculty\Barrett, Charesha profilepic2.jpg Previous students who took Embracing Racial Diversity to Create Inclusive Classrooms said:

“Provided a welcoming space for hard conversations regarding the history of our country and where we need to go from here, in order to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion for all. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend! Amy A, Spring 2021

Previous students who took Growth Mindset: Preparing for Social, Emotional Learning with Melissa said:

C:\Users\lstrausbaugh\Pictures\Saved Pictures\Pictures\Faculty\Solema, Melissa.jpg

“Great Lesson-really aligns with what I am currently teaching.  The presentation was great as well as the resources!” Michelle N, Spring 2020

“I found the information helpful and enjoyed the conversations.” Angela A, Spring 2020

“Melissa does an excellent job keeping structure and flow of the class interesting and informative.  I would take other classes from her again." Cheri L, Spring 2020


 C:\Users\lstrausbaugh\Pictures\Saved Pictures\Pictures\Faculty\Krammer,  Katie 2.JPGPrevious students who took Understanding Autism said:

“This class made a difference in my teaching. I better understand some of my students. Thank you!” Kathryn E, Fall 2019

“This course was well thought out and executed.  There were many online and community resources presented and discussed, which makes it a great reference tool for in the future as well as currently.  The panel discussions and videos were great.  The class was a good mixture of lecture, online modules, panel discussions, videos, and a game to wrap it up.  I would recommend this course.” Michelle F, Fall 2019