Contact Lisa Strausbaugh, Director of Professional Development, or 440-375-7379 with questions. I'm telecommuting..please feel free to call me. College offices in the summer on Fridays close at 12 noon.

1. Registration overview 

 a. Log in with User Name and Password

 b. Make sure you are always on Professional Tab 


 d. Click "Register"

 e. Click "Add by Course Code"

 f. Type course in this format in one of the 6 rectangle(s): ED xxxx W

 g. Click "Add Course"

2. Forget your User Name and or your Password?   

a. Complete Create LEO Account (again)

b. User Name & Password will be resent

3. If you have completed a LEC Undergrad, post-Bacc, or MEd please call the office so that we can manually adjust your record to enable registration. You will not be able to use LEO until we modify your record.

ED 5708 A New Sprin on a Classic: Applications of Bloom's Taxonomy has been canceled.

Asynchronous (at your own pace) Online courses have a rolling registration and can begin as early as Friday, May 1. Last day to register is Saturday, August 1.  All work for (ED 57xx W courses) is due no later than Monday, August 31 at 11:59 pm.

Synchronous Online courses (ED 56xx W) have required live online hours at the beginning of the 2 week class. You will have 2 weeks after that to complete the final project/panel. These 12 courses are taught by faculty who have previously taught face to face courses.

We will not be offering face to face courses this summer or fall.


ODE has extended license renewal until Tuesday, September 1, 2020.