Feedback on Brittany Cribari

Bruce C enrolled in ED 5758 Creating and Managing PBL in Spring 2021 and said, "The course was really valuable. Although I had some familiarity with PBL, this course provided feedback to help us make our projects Gold Standard! The instructor offered valuable and timely feedback. She even offered solutions for some technical problems I was having. Feedback was specific and timely."

Nicole C enrolled in ED 5759 W Growth Mindset: Student Led Conferences in Spring 2021 and said, " Great feedback from the instructor."

Karen S enrolled in ED 5778 W Encouraging Self Regulation and Mindful Thinking for Students in Winter 2020 and said, "Instructor provided many easy-to-use examples and strategies."

Feedback on Chris DeMario

Sarah C enrolled in ED 5712 Data Driven Instruction in Spring 2021 and said, "Very useful articles. Especially enjoyed learning about increasing rigor."

Angela D enrolled in ED 5712 Data Driven Instruction in Spring 2021 and said, "Very helpful & had useful comments".

Feedback on Mike DeMario

Bruce C enrolled in ED 5711 Behavior Modification and Discipline Strategies and said, "Mike offered timely and specific feedback. The course was helpful in that I have some new tools to start the next school year in establishing some classroom behavior strategies. Since I teach in a separate public school with a population of students with social and emotional needs, the research-based best practices shared were really beneficial!"

Melissa S enrolled in ED 5773 Tacking Trauma in Spring 2021 and said, "The course was interesting and presented many ideas that I hadn't thought about before. It also suggested various ways of helping kids through traumatic situations and backgrounds."

Kanen M enrolled in ED 5773 Tacking Trauma in Spring 2021 said, "I really appreciated how quickly Mike responded to my questions."


Quotes from students who took classes with Sharon Graper, Holden Forests and Gardens (offered all online) in Spring 2021. Sharon will teach ED 6001 W  Black Botanists: Bulding A Legacy in Your Building and 6002 W The Outdoor Classroom Connection Book Study.

"I loved this class. Sharon was great the content was great it was a really excellent experience."

"I enjoyed the course, but I really prefer in person classes. I know that this wasn't an option, and I enjoyed the class nonetheless. Sharon was able to get everyone involved in discussions, and the content was new and original."

Quotes from previous students who took Understanding Autism with Dr. Katie Krammer. Katie will teach this again as ED 6000 W.

“This class made a difference in my teaching. I better understand some of my students. Thank you!” Kathryn E, Fall 2019

“This course was well thought out and executed. There were many online and community resources presented and discussed, which makes it a great reference tool for in the future as well as currently. The panel discussions and videos were great. The class was a good mixture of lecture, online modules, panel discussions, videos, and a game to wrap it up. I would recommend this course.” Michelle F, Fall 2019


A quote from previous student who took Embracing Racial Diversity to Create Inclusive Classrooms with Charesha Barrett. Charesha will teach this course again ED 7000 W.

“Provided a welcoming space for hard conversations regarding the history of our country and where we need to go from here, in order to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion for all. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend! Amy A, Spring 2021

Quotes from previous students who took Growth Mindset with Melissa Solema said: Melissa will teach her new course ED 7008 W Unpacking, Connecting & Building with Ohio's SEL Standards

“Great Lesson-really aligns with what I am currently teaching.  The presentation was great as well as the resources!” Michelle N, Spring 2020

“I found the information helpful and enjoyed the conversations.” Angela A, Spring 2020

“Melissa does an excellent job keeping structure and flow of the class interesting and informative.  I would take other classes from her again." Cheri L, Spring 2020