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Lake Erie College Undergraduate Application

 Required information is marked with a * (red asterisk) and must be completed before the form will submit.  If any required information is not applicable to you, enter N/A.

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  Any questions, please contact the the Office of Admissions at or 440.375.7050


Name Information


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Last Name




Preferred Name


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Birth Date

Citizenship Information


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Race Information


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Academic & Enrollment Information

The academic year at Lake Erie College goes in order of Summer semester- Fall Semester- Spring semester. So, if you would like to begin your studies in the Summer of 2018, then you would select the 2018-2019 Academic Year, Summer Term.


What year do you plan to begin your studies?


What term do you plan to begin your studies?


What type of student will you be?


Choose a primary academic program of interest.


Choose a second program of interest, if you have one.


Choose a third program of interest, if you have one.


Choose a pre-propessional program of interest, if you have one.


Do you have an interest in any of these special academic opportunities?


Do you plan on applying for Financial Aid?


Do you plan to commute or live on campus?


Has anyone in your family ever attended Lake Erie College?


Are you currently employed at Lake Erie College?


Do you have a relative employed at Lake Erie College?


Are you a first-generation college student?


Are you a Veteran of the United States Military?


Are you a spouse or dependent of Veteran of the United States Military?


Are you eligible to receive Military Education Benefits?

Contact Information


Do you reside outside of the United States?


Address Line 1


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Primary Phone Number


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Email Address


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Parent Information

Please enter your Parent/Guardian Information below:


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Parent/Guardian 2 Address     (if different then Parent/Guardian 1)


Parent/Guardian 2 Zip Code       (if different then Parent/Guardian 1)


Email Address:

School Information

Name of Institution

State of Institution



 Please hit save after each submission. You may add more than 1 institution. (High School and/or College)


High School Graduation Year:


Please enter Graduation Year:


What is your cumulative GPA?

Test TypeTest Date

Test Information

Please provide all sub scores for the tests taken. If you have taken a test (ACT, SAT, ect.) more than once, please complete the following:

  1. 1. Enter in the Test Type and Test Date
  2. 2. Complete the Test Parts and Score by entering your sub scores
  3. 3. Hit Save
  4. 4. Follow the previous 3 steps to enter in another test.

Test Type


Test Date


*Hidden Test Part Count


Test Part 1


Score 1


Test Part 2


Score 2


Test Part 3


Score 3


Test Part 4


Score 4


Test Part 5


Score 5

 Please hit save after each submission. You may add more than 1 test. 

High School Counselor Information


High School Counselor's First Name:


Last Name:


High School Counselor's Phone Number


High School Counselor's E-mail




What Extracurricular Activities have you participated in, in High School?


Do you wish to continue participating in any of the activities you listed above?


Do you have a documented Learning Disability and/or Individualized Educational Plan?


Have you ever been found responsible for academic and/or behavioral misconduct that resulted in disciplinary action?


Have you ever been convicted of a felony?


How did you first hear about Lake Erie College?


What was the most influential factor in applying to Lake Erie College?


To upload a document, select choose a file. Open the document and click next when complete. Allowable file formats are .docx, .pdf, .doc, and .jpg


Are you interested in applying Test-Optional?

*Applying Test-Optional is not applicable to student-athletes, as the NCAA requires an ACT or SAT score to determine eligibility.


Please upload a document for your personal essay.

  • Essay (500 words) Essay is optional for admission, but is required for placement and registration.  Applicants are encouraged to submit the essay with this application.
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Other Documents you may Submit


Please upload a document for your current test scores or writing sample.

* Official test scores should be sent directly to the Admissions office via Transcript or Testing Agency.

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Please upload a document for your unofficial high school transcripts.

* Official transcripts should be sent directly to the Admissions office from your high school.

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I certify that this information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Falsification of information on the application could jeopardize acceptance and enrollment. I authorize any schools and colleges I have previously attended to release personal, financial and academic information to Lake Erie College. Further, I agree that my college grades can be used for statistical studies.


Please do not refresh your page after hitting submit. It may take up to 30 second to submit your application. If the page does not load after 30 seconds, please exit out and contact the Office of Admissions at 


Lake Erie College, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, operates in a non--discriminatory manner with regard to race, color, age, or national origin. Furthermore, as required by Title IX of the Education Amendments, Lake Erie College does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its education programs, activities, or employment policies. Lake Erie College also provides equal opportunity to qualified disabled persons in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.