Plan for an hour for lunch each day, in our cafeteria in the Holden Center, or brought from home.*

ED 7000 W Google Certified Educator Level 1

Monday through Friday, June 14-18, 9 am – 4:30 pm (1/2-hour break for lunch)*

Faculty: Sarah Rivera

Location: Lincoln Library, Saada Computer Lab

Grade Levels: PK-12

3 Semester Hours, Tuition $515

In this week long course, we will learn and practice skills using Google Applications for Education to prepare for taking the Google Certified Educator Level 1 test. Study guides and example problems will be supplied, and the course will culminate on the final day with taking the test together as a group. Students will need to bring $10 (payable via credit or debit card) to class to register for the exam. Participants will use College computers in the lab but they must have access to their Google account either personal or through their district.


ED 7001 W Beyond the Book: Building Reading Skills Using Engaging Print and Non-Print Sources (formerly Literacy Strategies Students Will Love and A Multi-Textual Approach to Close Reading) 

Monday and Tuesday, June 28 and 29, 9 am – 4 pm

Faculty: Tracy Coleman

Location: Garfield Center, C13

Grade Levels: K-12

1 Semester Hour, Tuition $230

Have you been looking for engaging literacy strategies to help your students get excited about understanding texts? Learning literacy strategies can be fun when students develop these key skills through a variety of sources including print, video, and visual texts. In this course, we will explore ways to develop student literacy in grades K-12 to engage students across all subject areas. We will use print sources, artwork, and video to develop strategies for teaching close reading and critical thinking. We will explore interesting content and web tools that will help you incorporate literacy strategies your students will love. You will leave this course with ideas for the texts you can use to stimulate thinking and analysis as well as strategies for engaging students in activities that will improve their literacy skills. Please bring your own device or use our Chromebooks.


ED 7002 W Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in the Time of COVID-19 NEW

Wednesday and Thursday, July 14 and 15, 9 am – 4 pm

Faculty: Bridget Sherman

Location: Garfield Center, C13

Grade Levels: K-12

1 Semester Hour, Tuition $230

This course will give participants the opportunity to explore how the pandemic may have impacted the mental health of educators and students alike, how mental health problems may be exhibited in the classroom, and what role educators can play in preventing suicide and mitigating mental health problems.  Educators will learn how to recognize the risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, what evidence-based practices are available, and how to access local behavioral health resources. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Lake County will also present Ending the Silence as part of this course, which includes sharing of lived experience by a young adult.  Please bring your own device or use our Chromebooks.


Monday and Tuesday, July 19-20, 9 am – 4 pm

ED 7003 W Learning from COVID-19: The Best of Technology Integration NEW

Faculty: Dr. Christina Bauer

Location: Garfield Center, A2

Grade Levels: PK-12

1 Semester Hour, Tuition $230

Educational technology changed forever when COVID-19 had nearly all of our nation’s students and teachers shift to online learning.  This class will examine some common technology tools used during school closures for course management, communication, video-based instruction, student voice and choice, assessment, and family/student engagement.  Digital equity issues will also be addressed.  Participants will share their personal experiences with distance learning and have the opportunity to reflect on how to best meet the needs of students when they re-enter our traditional classrooms.  Be ready to return to your classroom with enhanced technology skills and a renewed excitement for integrating technology in your daily instruction. Please bring your own device or use our Chromebooks.


Wednesday and Thursday, July 21- 22, 9 am – 4 pm

ED 7004 W Local Women’s Suffrage History NEW

Faculty: Dr. Katharine Delavan

Grade Levels: 4-12

Location: Garfield Center, C13

Tuition: $230

As early as the 1830’s women’s suffrage was a topic of interest among citizens in Northeast Ohio. This experiential course exposes participants to the history of the local women’s suffrage movement and how it connected to the National suffrage movement. with an emphasis placed on the action of ladies from the Lake Erie Female Seminary (Lake Erie College) including; Frances Jennings Casement; Emma Gillette, Ellen Spencer Mussey, Elizabeth Bartlett Grannis, Mary Evans and Betsey Mix Cowles, to name a few. An examination of the strategies and rhetoric used by the suffrage movement; the evolving perspectives of three generations of suffragists, and the connection between the abolitionist and suffrage movements. Participants examine primary and secondary documents to use in their classrooms and develop student-centered learning experiences based on their chosen primary and secondary documents. This course includes a visit from Women in History who are scheduled to perform an historical interpretation of Frances Jennings Casement and Susan B. Anthony; a walking tour of the Painesville ERA’s Parlor Talk locations, a visit to the Painesville Methodist Church (Site of 1885 Ohio Woman’s Suffrage Convention), and a sneak peek at our new women’s suffrage memorial.

Monday and Tuesday, July 26-27, 9 am – 4 pm

ED 7005 W The Best of Phonics in Motion

Faculty: Sally Maher     

Grade Levels: PreK-3 and Remedial Readers

Location: Garfield Center, C13

Tuition: $230 plus $99 one-year online access fee payable to PIM.

This course will offer an overview of the four components of Phonics in Motion© (KMP’s™, Reading and Writing Monster™, Language Calendar™, and Vowel House™). Theory, research and practice will be provided for each component. By teaching with these four components, you will have a delivery strategy to teach Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension; in a connected manner for powerful early literacy instruction. 

Participants will be engaged in hands-on practice in all areas of the program. Participants will also develop an understanding on how the integration of the components results in teaching that is supported by the Science of Reading. 

Required resource: PIM is a copyrighted method of teaching literacy. A 1-year license to teach with Phonics in Motion© is required. With this course, it is discounted by 60% and is only $99.00 (Regularly $249.00/year). This provides you with lesson plans, resources, videos of every KMP, and on-demand online training. This fee is in addition to the tuition. You’ll leave with new teaching tools that make learning fun, and the resources needed to help you implement PIM in your classroom.