The Ohio Department of Education is providing flexibility regarding the licensure renewal deadline. With the passage of House Bill 197 of the 133rd General Assembly, the coronavirus relief bill, flexibility has been provided to educators regarding the renewal of credentials previously set to expire on July 1, 2020. Under this law, the period for educators to complete their renewal requirements and renew their licenses has been extended to December 1, 2020.

Educators will need to complete their legally required professional development by Dec. 1, 2020, or an additional three semester hours of professional development will be required for renewal. (announced September 3, 2020)


The Center for Professional Development offers exclusively graduate courses intended for K-12 educators to renew their license, work towards the next "step" and learn new strategies/content. All courses whether taken for a Letter Grade or Pass are accepted by the Ohio Department of Education. Please confer with your Local Professional Development Committee or the ODE website. 

Confused or having problems registering? Please call Lisa Strausbaugh, Director, Professional Development for assistance 440-375-7379 or email at

Lisa can be reached Monday-Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

For Fall 2020 we will provide 4 types of courses, for Winter 2020 we will provide Asynchronous courses only and for Spring 2021 we will again offer 4 types of courses:

Asynchronous Online Courses

Asynchronous online courses are completed and graded at an individual's independent pace. There is NO MINIMUM number to be enrolled to run this course. Once someone registers AND pays for a course (s) they can expect to hear from the faculty within 24-48 business hours of registration email. It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to contact the Director of Professional Development if they have not heard from the faculty in that time-frame. Please check your email's Spam/Junk folder first.

If taking a course with Brittany Cribari look for this email:  or

If taking a course with Dr. Katharine Delavan look for this email:

If taking a course with Chris DeMario look for this email: or

If taking a course with Mike DeMario look for his email: or or  

If taking a course with Andrew Unterweiser look for his or

If taking a course with Joelle Warsh look her email: or

When someone registers for any online course the Variable Grading Scale option will be provided (excluding ED 5779 and ED 5780). The student may select to have the course graded Pass/Fail or for a Letter Grade. Once it has been selected it can not be modified except in exceedingly rare circumstances due to district/ODE requirements (please contact Director). Please note: A grade of Pass is equivalent to a grade of C or higher. Please refer to the syllabus for the specific grading scale/rubric (pg. 29, 2020-21 Graduate Academic Catalog & Student Handbook).

Online courses vary from 1 to 3 Semester/Credit Hours. Individual grades will be posted in LEO and will be seen immediately.  See the "Transcript" tab for more details.

STUDENT INITIATED TRANSFER ENROLLMENT/CANCELLATION: Once coursework has begun a refund will not be issued. If the coursework has not begun you may contact our office and we will transfer you to another course offered during the SAME semester. Once you enroll in a course it must be completed. If a course remains in an ungraded state at the end of the semester for whatever reason a FAILING grade will be assigned.

Hybrid (online) Courses

In Spring 2021 the Center for Leadership and Professional Development will offer Each of the 7 Hybrid (online) courses. Each course is offered once during the semester and is worth ONE Graduate Semester Hour/Credit Hour. Each course runs for two weeks are requires that you be online with the faculty and those enrolled at at least two specific time periods at the beginning of the course. In addition, you have two weeks to complete the paper/project. There is a hard start and stop date for these courses.

Courses may be taken for a Letter Grade or Pass/Fail. You MUST select how you want to be graded during registration. If after beginning the course you need to have your grading preference changed it MUST be received by the Director by in writing within 48 hours of the beginning of class. After that time the grading preference CAN NOT be modified.

Students have two weeks from the completion of the course to EMAIL their assignment directly to their faculty. Faculty have two weeks to grade the final project/paper and post the grade on LEO. It is the student's responsibility to confirm that the faculty received your final project/paper.

UltraMission/Experiential Learning

UltraMission coursework is based on experiential learning and group problem solving. This is the perfect fit for exploring new approaches during this unprecedented time. Pandemic problem solving at its finest! This class will invite, engage and challenge you (with assistance) to conquer and soar. Independent study on your choice of topic. This is a way to experience and learn something new on your Own time and earn college credit to boot! Also, a great way to take a class that is not sitting at a desk and actually doing something you have always had a passion for while practicing safe social distancing. Classes can be taken individually or in any sequence. Assistance is available from Dr. Lynne Nagy to help you meet LPDC requirements and Ohio’s Learning Standards. Please feel free to call Lynne at 216-254-9365 to chat about courses and answer any questions.

Courses take place any mutually agreeable time during the month the class takes place.

Fall 2020 Term

September Courses

ED 1809 W UltraMission I, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1810 W UltraMission II, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1811 W UltraMission III, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1812 W UltraMission IV, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1813 W UltraMission Alumni, 1 semester hour, $230

ED 1870 W Into to UltraMission, 1 semester hour, $230

October Courses

ED 1809 W1 UltraMission I, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1810 W1 UltraMission II, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1811 W1 UltraMission III, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1812 W1 UltraMission IV, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1813 W1 UltraMission Alumni, 1 semester hour, $230

ED 1870 W1 Into to UltraMission, 1 semester hour, $230

November Courses

ED 1809 W2 UltraMission I, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1810 W2 UltraMission II, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1811 W2 UltraMission III, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1812 W2 UltraMission IV, 3 semester hours, $515

ED 1813 W2 UltraMission Alumni, 1 semester hour, $230

ED 1870 W2 Into to UltraMission, 1 semester hour, $230

Wraparounds with Districts/Partners/Schools/Conferences

Wraparounds by nature of their work are completed with an other educational partner. It layers credit upon learning/PD that takes place in a district or building and often “wraps around” academic year or beyond one semester. They graduate level credits are accepted by ODE for licensed teachers and by LPCDs towards renewal (however standard approval processes apply) and towards pay “steps”. Each course is evaluated pass/fail. The Semester Hour/Credit Hour varies between 1-6 Semester Hours,  1 Semester Hour = 15 contact hours, plus paper/final project (ODE standard).