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Registration for Spring 2019 IS open. Make sure to use the correct Term (Fall 2018 or Spring 2019).

Forget your User Name and or your Password?: Complete Create LEO Account (again), credentials will be resent.

Contact Lisa Strausbaugh, Director of Professional Development, or 440-375-7379 with questions.

The College will be closed between Saturday, December 15, 2018-Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

Lisa will be on vacation Tuesday afternoon-Friday, Dec. 11-Dec. 14.

ABCs of registration:

A. Click "Create LEO Account"

B. Open your email to get User Name and Password

C. Log in using User Name and Password

D. Click on Profesional Development tab

E. Click "Register" (on the left side of page)

F. Click "Add/Drop Courses"

G. Make sure you are in the proper Term (semester)

H. Click " Add by Course Code"

I. Type course (example ED 7002 W)

J. Pay for course ("Pay Must Pay Courses")


Fall 2018 Navigating LEO for PD Students Video


PD Registration Form.pdf




Frequently Asked Questions/Answers for Spring 2019:

1. I forget my User Name and or Password, what do I do? Click "Create LEO Account": complete all fields and the system will resend your original credentials.

2. I'm concerned about taking a course this semester since my license renews this June 30. How fast do you process transcripts? Once your final grade is posted for the semester we will send the official transcript within ONE BUSINESS WEEK.

3. How do Online Courses work? You work on them at your own pace. Begin January 4-April 4. Last day to submit work is May 4. Most courses are 3 SH and tuition often is $515.

4. Can I take Professional Development courses Pass/Fail? YES, Pass is accepted by ODE. 

5. I'm looking for wraparound info or an online syllabus. See "SPRING 2019" left side column for details.

6. I really, really, really don't want to register online, now what? Then click on the registration form to mail to the College.

Spring 2019 Online Course Descriptions